Legends of… Litten?

I have two WIP Projects this week! Both are scarves, and though I started the Legend of Zelda scarf first, it won’t be done until I can head to the store and pick up the remaining yarn for it. This scarf with these exact colors will likely be a one-off since its hard for me to find the correct materials for it.

The LoZ scarf, while its super soft, it’s made out of a yarn I can’t get quire as often as I’d like and the store I go to for yarn doesn’t sell it. If I do happen to make this scarf again, the colors will be slightly different. We’ll see!



The Litten Scarf was one I started yesterday. I’m playing around with designs for different pokemon starters, and Litten was the first one (and probably the easiest) to design! I had all the colors on hand, and its starting to take shape now in design. You can see the face and head marking in this photo. A majority of this scarf will be black and will end in a striping pattern, like the ones on Litten’s feet.

The scarf has a slightly rounded edge and may or may not have eyes (I’m not quite sure yet!)

The Litten scarf will be finished this week, so you’ll be able to see the finish product soon!

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