Hello and welcome to the Nerd Craft Crochets blog! I thought it was high time to get this blog up and running, so everyone can see what I’m working on, new items, and other such things! I have big plans for this blog.

For current items, you can click here, or the banner above.

Here’s how this blog will work – a schedule of sorts of when I will be posting new content so you don’t have to check in constantly wondering about new content.

Schedule of Events: 

  • Work in Progress Wednesdays
  • Finished Product Fridays
  • Spotlight Sundays
  • Beginning of the Month Schedule


At the beginning of every week, I try to start a new item, and finish that item by Friday. Occasionally I’ll get more done in a week than a single item, but they’ll always be posted up on Fridays as a group instead of whenever I finish them.

A general idea of what I want to accomplish at the start of every month will be posted featuring 4-6 items I’m trying to complete that month. This blog will also feature if I end up going to any Conventions as a seller, where I’ll be at, etc.

I’m glad you decided to join me on this adventure! I’ll see you soon!

Find Me Elsewhere: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Etsy


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