Printers & Ink

I haven’t quite gotten around to making any new items, but March is a new month and we’re going to get some really exciting products out this month!

I have plans for a few decorative pillows that will be making an appearance soon, along with more designs for scarves and plushies!

Here are the plans for the new items we’re starting this month:

  • PKMN: Teddiursa Face Pillow
  • YoI: Makkachin Plushie
  • LoZ: Ruppee Pillow
  • LoZ: Health Scarf

There are a few items I started last month and couldn’t quite finish them all, being ill for the better part of two weeks I couldn’t quite finish them! They should be finished by the next Finished Friday post, however! After I finish some custom orders, that is.

  • LoZ: Triforce Scarf
  • PKMN: Litten Scarf
  • PKMN: Love Ball, Dusk Ball, Heal Ball Re-make x2

Beyond that, the exciting news is that I fixed the printer! It needed a good cleaning and some new ink cartridges, but I managed to get it in working order. This means that we have new business cards to match our logo now! Here’s what they look like:


The printer being fixed also means I no longer have to hand-write shipping labels or invoices, so that will save on a lot driving to the city to go to the post office and also the time it takes to do that. Orders will be going out a lot more quickly because of this!

That’s all the news for today!

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Legends of… Litten?

I have two WIP Projects this week! Both are scarves, and though I started the Legend of Zelda scarf first, it won’t be done until I can head to the store and pick up the remaining yarn for it. This scarf with these exact colors will likely be a one-off since its hard for me to find the correct materials for it.

The LoZ scarf, while its super soft, it’s made out of a yarn I can’t get quire as often as I’d like and the store I go to for yarn doesn’t sell it. If I do happen to make this scarf again, the colors will be slightly different. We’ll see!



The Litten Scarf was one I started yesterday. I’m playing around with designs for different pokemon starters, and Litten was the first one (and probably the easiest) to design! I had all the colors on hand, and its starting to take shape now in design. You can see the face and head marking in this photo. A majority of this scarf will be black and will end in a striping pattern, like the ones on Litten’s feet.

The scarf has a slightly rounded edge and may or may not have eyes (I’m not quite sure yet!)

The Litten scarf will be finished this week, so you’ll be able to see the finish product soon!

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Team Skull Cap

The first prototype of the Team Skull hat was finished today! I’m not quite sure how I feel about it quite yet. I made it quite large by accident by switching hooks in between crocheting, so this exact hat will stay a prototype for now.

This project was pretty simple and worked up pretty quickly, so they are definitely on the menu for a larger amount being stocked in an inventory. It’s one I will definitely take to conventions with me, or at least one I can replace easily should it come to that.

Tell me how you feel about it in the comment section below!

Current items, as always, are listed on Etsy.

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Hello and welcome to the Nerd Craft Crochets blog! I thought it was high time to get this blog up and running, so everyone can see what I’m working on, new items, and other such things! I have big plans for this blog.

For current items, you can click here, or the banner above.

Here’s how this blog will work – a schedule of sorts of when I will be posting new content so you don’t have to check in constantly wondering about new content.

Schedule of Events: 

  • Work in Progress Wednesdays
  • Finished Product Fridays
  • Spotlight Sundays
  • Beginning of the Month Schedule


At the beginning of every week, I try to start a new item, and finish that item by Friday. Occasionally I’ll get more done in a week than a single item, but they’ll always be posted up on Fridays as a group instead of whenever I finish them.

A general idea of what I want to accomplish at the start of every month will be posted featuring 4-6 items I’m trying to complete that month. This blog will also feature if I end up going to any Conventions as a seller, where I’ll be at, etc.

I’m glad you decided to join me on this adventure! I’ll see you soon!

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